If you simply included a brand-new deck or are refinishing an existing one, maintaining the deck covered will certainly safeguard the wood from the sunlight and also harsh climate.

A deck tarnish sprayer will uniformly layer outdoor decking and barriers easily. Simply applying a brand-new coat of finish to your deck can make all the difference in the look of your entire house.

Security Notification: Whenever operating spray equipment, take correct security preventative measures, stay alert, as well as be conscious of possible hazards.

Wear protective gear such as gloves, security glasses/goggles, spray sock (hood), hat, appropriate footwear, dirt masks and respirators. Always refer to the certain directions and also safety and security procedures for the spray tools you are utilizing.

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Man using discolor to decking using a sprayer with pointer extension

Due to the fact that the material being sprayed as well as any type of overspray can take a trip in between open areas, cover anything below the deck or on the other side of spindles or rails. Select the spray pointer that’s ideal matched for the discolor you are utilizing and also the surface area to be splashed. When splashing lighter materials like discolorations, pick the least expensive stress establishing that enables you to preserve a great spray pattern. For the decking, work in sections just as much as you can pleasantly reach and adhere to the slabs lengthwise, keeping the spray suggestion approximately 12 inches from the surface area. Spray the outer sides first, “banding” the location that you will certainly spray, as well as after that spray any edges.


Graco, Magnum, or TrueCoat Paint Sprayer (see Paint Sprayer group web page to compare versions).
Spray suggestions– a bigger spray pattern for huge surface areas and also narrow dimension for smaller sized surfaces (see idea selector).
Empty containers for priming sprayer and also cleaning (two needed).
Mix sticks.
Repaint filter bag– aids stop pointer plugs and also provides a better coating.
Tarps, drop cloths, or plastic sheeting.
Masking tape.
Repaint brush for touch-ups.
Magnum idea expansion– for hard-to-reach locations that would otherwise call for a ladder.
Stress roller kit (optional).
Added airless pipe sections if needed.
Spray shield.
Pump Shield storage liquid or TSL fluid (see pump protectant product details).
Cleaning up dustcloths.


Relocate all outdoor furnishings or any other products such as a grill far from the area to be splashed. Permit plenty of area for your tools and also devices.
Cover all neighboring shrubs, bushes and plants with plastic tarpaulins, as well as do not spray on windy days. Cover anything listed below the deck or on the other side of rails or pins since the product being splashed and any kind of overspray can travel between open spaces. Cover any type of house walls near the deck with plastic to safeguard them from overspray.
Brush up the deck of all dust. Laundry the whole deck surface area with a pressure washer, or make use of a long-handled brush or mop to apply deck cleaner. Let the cleaner set per producer’s guidelines; after that rinse and allow the surface to dry totally.


Select the spray pointer that’s ideal suited for the tarnish you are making use of and the surface to be sprayed. A suggestion with a narrower 8-inch-wide spray pattern and a. 013 opening dimension will give you the ideal control. Make sure the suggestion’s opening dimension does not exceed the optimum capability of your sprayer (see spray idea information).

If you’re using paint from several containers, mix it with each other in an empty 5-gallon container to make certain constant color even if small shade distinctions exist between individual paint canisters. When spraying lighter products like spots, choose the most affordable stress setting that enables you to preserve a good spray pattern. Lower stress setups will offer you much better control as well as a finer coating.

Beginning by spraying the railings and also deck sustains– you might need to hold the gun at an angle in order to completely spray any kind of inside surface areas. Keep a brush useful in case you require to brush out any excess-sprayed stain.

For the decking, function in areas only as much as you can pleasantly reach as well as follow the planks lengthwise, maintaining the spray idea around 12 inches from the surface area. Spray the external edges first, “banding” the area that you will certainly spray, and then spray any corners.


Comply with paint/stain manufacturer’s referrals and enable considerable time for the discolor or deck coating to dry.
Remove all coverings from hedges, bushes as well as plants. Very carefully remove all tape and also plastic covering from wall surfaces, home windows as well as trim.
Change any type of lighting fixtures that you got rid of and also relocate furnishings or various other products back right into location.
Tidy your airless paint sprayer after each usage. If applicable, follow the directions in your user’s guidebook for Power Flush cleaning with water based products or use the pail technique of cleaning.

For more information, see Power Flush Video clip or refer to your Sprayer Procedure Guidebook.
Return any other items (furnishings, grill, and so on) to their correct location.