Painting or discoloring your closets can totally change the appearance of your cooking area, washroom or any type of room in your house. Given that many rooms with closets usually get a great deal of web traffic and task, you’ll intend to get this task done fast. Making use of a Magnum airless paint sprayer will certainly give the fastest means to accomplish a perfect finish.

When this job is done right, you’ll obtain a resilient, smooth surface, with no brush strokes or various other imperfections. It’s likewise vital to get back at insurance coverage on the doors and in all the grooves as well as corners. The method which you use the surface makes all the difference in regards to how long the finish will last.

So, there’s no requirement to spend a lot of money on replacing your cupboards, when an airless sprayer supplies both the rate as well as quality to make changing your cupboards a fast and easy house improvement task.

Safety Notification: Whenever running spray tools, take appropriate security precautions, remain sharp, and be conscious of prospective hazards. Use protective equipment such as handwear covers, safety glasses/goggles, spray sock (hood), hat, proper shoes, dust masks and also respirators. Always refer to the details instructions and safety treatments for the spray tools you are utilizing.
Repainting Cabinets with a Graco Airless Sprayer



Graco paint sprayer.
TrueAirless 311 airless spray pointer.
Non-flammable oil-based primer.
Latex enamel satin or semi-gloss paint or tarnish.
T. S. P. all-round cleaner.
Canvas decline plastic, paper or fabric.
Expansion cord.
Rags & waste jug.
Plastic baggies for closet equipment.
2x4s on 2 paint canisters or sawhorses.
Wood filler & putty blade.
Great grit sandpaper or fining sand block.
Tact towel.
Masking/duct tape.
Scrap cardboard.
Individual safety gear.
Paint filter & Rubber gloves.
Yard pipe.
2 flexible wrenches.
Apartment & philips screw vehicle drivers.


The first step is to start prepping the surface areas that will be repainted.

Get rid of the doors and drawer fronts from the cabinets and after that remove the hardware. Make sure to note the cabinets as well as doors to each cabinet. Location the hardware into plastic bags and keep them together, so you will not have to adjust the doors when rebuilding them to the cupboards.

If you intend to change the equipment on your cupboards with hardware that has various hole alignments, load the existing holes with timber filler. You’ll also desire any kind of surface areas you paint to be thoroughly cleaned up.

Lightly sand the doors, drawers and also cupboards by relocating with the grain of the wood to eliminate the top layer of surface. Take the time to examine all of the surface areas for harmed locations as well as spackle over nail openings and cracks. Make certain to caulk voids between wall surfaces and also cupboards to produce a seamless blend.

Currently that the cupboards are prepped, prepare the task site. Bag the location of the room in which you’ll be splashing.

In an unfinished basement or garage, produce a temporary spray booth by covering the ground … and also surrounding the area with plastic. Area the cabinet doors on 2 sawhorses with 2×4 boards, to obtain them off the ground as well as approximately a comfortable angle for splashing.


For best outcomes, prime all the surface areas with a non-flammable, oil-based guide and sealer. This will certainly supply a water barrier and prevent bleed-through and also breaking.
To eliminate any type of large bits or dried out debris, pour your primer with a strainer into a container. Put on some latex gloves and eject the excess primer. Disposes of the strainer as well as handwear covers. You will intend to experience this same process with the topcoat product too.


Prior to you start splashing, make sure you have actually read all security as well as functional instructions that came with your airless sprayer as well as have proper personal security equipment, such as eye security as well as a respirator.

Always realize that airless sprayers can produce a lot of stress– commonly adequate to pierce skin. Never direct the weapon at yourself or anyone else. It’s crucial to make certain to adequately aerate your job location prior to splashing.


For this sort of project, where the surface are small, we recommend a spray idea that provides a smaller spray fan. When splashing water-based enamel and also satin surface paint, it’s best to utilize a 311 spray idea as it will provide a 6-inch spray follower that is best for closets as well as smaller sized doors.


Prior to splashing the closets, we advise exercising on an item of cardboard. This will certainly enable you to adjust your technique as well as adjust the sprayer for the best spray pattern.

Beginning each pass by holding the spray suggestion regarding 12-inches from the surface. Start and stop the weapon after each pass. Draw the weapon trigger after starting each stroke.

To aid blend each spray pass and produce a fuzzy side around the entire spray pattern, bend your wrist so the weapon stays vertical to the surface. Fanning the gun one-way or the various other will lead to uneven spray patterns. Do not overreach– simply reach as for fits.

To accomplish the best spray pattern, constantly start at the most affordable stress and slowly boost the pressure till you achieve the wanted outcomes. An excellent spray pattern will always have even, soft sides. If you have noticeable lines or “tails” at the top and also bottom of each pattern, try enhancing the stress in little increments till the edges of the pattern soften.


Beginning spraying the cabinet doors. Beginning at one end and spray the sides as well as inside and function your means around, splashing all of the outside structures. Spray straight over the top of the doors as well as make sure you cover every surface area.

Inside the cupboards, spray the edges initially as well as then load in the facility area. For the outside areas of the cupboards with sides, angle your gun so two-to-three spray passes will mix in the.

When the guide is entirely dry, gently sand the surfaces. Vacuum all surface areas as well as then wipe down with a tack fabric.


It is very important to purge the old paint/coating product out of your sprayer prior to filling it with new product. Given that this job begun with a non-flammable, oil-based primer, make certain to flush the sprayer with mineral spirits. If the topcoat application will certainly be water-based, flush the sprayer again with water, prior to including the water-based topcoat material.

Spray this first topcoat of paint onto all surface areas and also after that permit the paint to totally dry prior to spraying a 2nd coat. A lot of pros do a fine sanding, vacuuming as well as cleaning with a tack towel, on all surface areas in between layers.


As soon as the second layer is completely dry, carefully eliminate every one of the tape, plastic as well as paper. Reinstall the hardware as well as connect the doors and also cabinets to the closets. Which’s all it requires to give your kitchen area an entirely face-lift, easy and also quick on to the next task.

To help blend each spray pass and produce a fuzzy edge around the entire spray pattern, bend your wrist so the weapon stays vertical to the surface. Beginning spraying the closet doors. Begin at one end as well as spray the sides and inside and function your means around, splashing all of the outside frames. For the outside areas of the cupboards with sides, angle your gun so two-to-three spray passes will mix in the.

Spray this first topcoat of paint onto all surfaces as well as after that enable the paint to completely dry prior to splashing a second coat.

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