Wagner Flexio 590 Review: Can nonprofessionals handle it?

Check out Wagner Flexio 590 review if you are: a passionate DIYer, an intermediate painter who deals with small scale projects, or, a homeowner. Wagner is one of the best paint sprayer brands on the market right now. They have released various models of paint sprayers and, for users who don’t have advanced skills, Flexio 590 can’t be a better choice.

This hand-held spray gun can get the jobs done in no time and it is an incredibly versatile tool. It can be adjusted to spray various types of paint and deliver smooth layers of paint on any surface or any corner. From small scale to medium-scale project, this sprayer can handle it all. Check out the amazing features of Flexio 590 and find out why it is perfect for beginners.




  • 9 speed settings that can be adjusted freely
  • Spray different types of paint depend on the speed setting
  • Give natural roller-like finish
  • Very lightweight (1kg) and manageable
  • Removable Lock-n-Go split gun for an easy cleaning
  • Work 10 times faster than any roller or brush, can spray up to 8 gallons of paint per hour
  • Come in a set of 2 nozzles and a carrying case for better protection
  • Durable and sustainable
  • Easy to control, anyone can handle the tool


  • Clogging occurs from time to time
  • Spew paint if not set up carefully


Versatile 9 speed settings that adapt to any types of paint

Wagner Flexio 590 has the feature that many hand-held paint sprayers don’t have: Adjustable speed settings. The 9 speed settings are designed to spray different types of paints, from water-based to oil-based paint. The lower the speed setting is, the thinner the paint should be. Level 1 is used to paint thin materials while level 9 is used to spray thick ones. But, it is more recommendable to thin the thick paint slightly so that it works best with the sprayer. Wagner instructs that user set up the speed from min to 4 if they want to spray stain and from 5 to max if they want to spray latex.

Lock-n-Go split gun introduces a quick and easy cleaning

It is super-fast and easy to clean Flexio 590. To clean the nozzle, all you have to do is remove it from the handle and rinse it with adequate solvent and wash away the paint. Cleaning doesn’t have to be a mess with this hand-held paint sprayer.

Very lightweight but extremely powerful

Flexio 590 is relatively lightweight comparing with Flexio 3000, which weighs over 4 kilos without filling in the paint. Wagner Flexio 590 weighs about 1 kilo before you fill it with the paint and that is the reason why the tool is so satisfactory for beginners and intermediates. It is manageable and won’t burden DIYers or homeowners with its weight.

On the other hand, this paint sprayer, despite its little weight, is a potent applier thanks to the X-Boost turbine that release even paint patterns. The final result is guaranteed to be satisfying, not a slack paint job.

Comes with Wagner’s two famous nozzles and a case

Flexio 590 is the main detail of a full set. The kit consists of the Flexio 590, the iSpray nozzle, the detail nozzle and a carrying case. The kit has everything a nonprofessional painter can ask for.

Firstly, the iSpray nozzle provides unmatched interior and exterior paints on a wide surface. It can be adjusted to paint vertically or horizontally so that the painter will be working in the most comfortable position.

Secondly, the detail nozzle offers detailed touchup or it can paint small pieces of furniture. The small front end of the detail nozzle gives access to the smallest corner of any furniture. This nozzle prevents overspray and keeps the painter from wasting extra material.

Lastly, the case makes it easier to store the tools and prevent them from wearing out. Make sure that you store the tools in the case when moving them around so that they have a better lifespan.

An overall fine paint sprayer for nonprofessionals

Many paint sprayers are designed with complicated features and adjustments that only professional painters can manipulate. On the contrary, Flexio 590 is designed with features that are easy to handle. So easy that every nonprofessional can control the tool with the help of the instruction book. Follow these simple steps to carry out your painting projects.

Step 1: Set up the sprayer, screw the front end of the nozzle tightly to avoid spew paint

Step 2: Fill the nozzle’s tank with paint

Step 3: Set up the speed depends on the thickness of the paint and adjust the paint flow

Step 4: Press the sprayer’s trigger to paint, maintain the consistency of your movements



Customer’s reviews have shown what Flexio 590 has to offer and what it lacks. The machine is potent and can paint up to 8 gallons of paint per hour, that is almost a gallon faster than Flexio 570, a model that was released in the same line as Flexio 590. Flexio 590 is a better investment comparing to Flexio 570 since it comes with Wagner’s two famous nozzles. And customers can use it to paint the ceiling thanks to its light weight. However, some customers left feedbacks saying that the nozzle spews paint instead of spraying it. The solution is to set up the front end of the nozzle carefully according to the instruction before the first use.


There is nothing more to ask from the best hand-held paint sprayer for beginners ever made. Flexio 590 never fails to impress with its great function and aesthetical ability. It is recommendable choosing this paint applier instead of spending money on brushes and rollers. Even though those appliers offer decent performance, they are no match for the modern Flexio 590. Invest in this powerhouse if you prefer a quick paint job with an unmatched finish.