Review Of Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer

You probably know Wagner Control Sprayer 0518080 is quite a multi-tasking paint sprayer with various flow control, spray patterns, flexible air hose, and air pressure. In today’s article of Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer review, we will dive into its features, along with design and benefits.

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The machine comes with a bunch of notable features regarding spray pattern, air pressure, air hose, and so on. To give you the better view of this device, we will give a short brief of its specifications as follows:

Two-stage turbine

What makes this sprayer stands out among other options is that it comes with a powerful two-stage turbine of 570W. Accordingly, it can spray liquids of different viscosity while most of the other sprayers cannot. This means the machine could handle both thick and thin materials.

Its HVLP turbine ensures you can use the Wagner sprayer as what you want. Then you can easily paint such large surfaces with no problem. In addition, you can utilize it to paint other small surfaces where accuracy is needed or window panes.

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer

Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer

Spray Patterns

The machine will ensure that you can do many tasks of spraying with it by offering an option to customize spray patterns. Accordingly, you could change spray patterns by setting up the air cap and nozzle in varying ways.

  • Diagonal air cap offers a symmetric circular pattern.
  • Vertical air cap delivers a wide oval pattern.
  • Horizontal air cap delivers a high oval pattern.

Air Pressure Control

With this feature, you can go thin or thick with paint. Also, you could change the air pressure as you want. Therefore, you will not get overspray if you only prefer blasting wood. The air pressure is about 1.5 – 2.63 psi.

Air Hose

The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer comes with a 20-feet air hose. It is quite flexible that you can do any task.

Cleaning and Maintenance

As it does not come with many parts, cleaning it is just like a piece of cake. Plus, if you want to rinse out latex materials, you can make use of soapy water. Meanwhile, if you want to wash oil-based material, you will need a brush and mineral spirits.

We have not noticed any issues when cleaning this device. Everything seems to rinse effortlessly and easily.

Pros & Cons

Even when you are a kind of experienced person with a bunch of finished projects, the benefits of this device probably surprise you! The main reason why we want to recommend it is that it can meet the requirements of many people, from enthusiasts, professional exterior or interior designers.

Not only is it able to spray in any material, but it also comes with various patterns. It also stands out with lightweight design, which helps users a lot when holding it to spray.

Plus, you will find no difficulties using this sprayer and can avoid getting overspray.

That said, it certainly comes with some drawbacks that undermine its performance. However, we think when compared to what the machine offers, it is not a big issue. We have compiled its advantages and disadvantages as follows. Let’s check them.


  • Spray every material
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain
  • Little overspray
  • Lightweight design
  • Selection of patterns


  • Generate a little bit of noise
  • Short power cord
  • Slower on big areas


Do I need to buy any air compressor separately?

Well, you do not. This machine comes with a small air compressor already.

Does the sprayer cause much noise?

We have to say it depends. The sound it generates is just like a vacuum cleaner or hairdryer. If you are not concerned about this level of noise, the machine is ok with you.

How to use latex paint with the machine?

You can do thinning of latex paint with water. After mixing the paint with water, you should wait for 30 seconds and start spraying then.

Is it a good choice for the hobby of painting?

Yes, definitely. The Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer is an ideal choice for novices. It will allow you to learn by yourself. Plus, it also helps a lot by teaching how to use its potential comprehensively.

Does the sprayer come with other accessories?

When buying this machine, you will get a plastic cup, a metal cup, a user guideline, and a hose.

Can this machine be used for oil-based paints?

Of course, and it is quite time-consuming to clean oil-based primers as you have to use mineral spirits and ensure to get everything off interior parts.

User reviews

Most customers using the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer are satisfied with it. Of course, they also notice some small issues. Some beginners expected the machine did not cause any sound. However, it doesn’t to their surprise.

Meanwhile, some with a bunch of experience of spraying paints said that this device is not efficient when covering wide surfaces. Plus, they claimed that it still performs its tasks extremely well.

Other users complained about the price of the sprayer. It’s quite high. However, we believe this choice is a good bang for your buck.

Final thoughts

So you have completed our review of the Wagner Spraytech 0518080 Control Sprayer. In short, this machine is an excellent choice for those who want to spray paint perfectly. Notable, with its powerful turbine, the sprayer can paint large surfaces in a short time. Another reason to buy it is its lightweight design. We are really impressed with how well such a small device like it can do many things. It is actually a versatile device.

If you are interested in the sprayer, do not hesitate to go for it. And in case you have questions, please let us know in the comment box below.

Thank you for reading.