How to Mix Paint for a Spray Gun – In 4 Steps

So you simply got a paint sprayer as well as you intend to make sure you are appropriately blending your paint. While look no further, in this article we will break down how to blend your paint for your spray gun. This will ensure your work constantly ends up looking expert as well as the equipment encounters very little obstructing.

Knowing exactly how to mix paint for your sprayer is not hard, but it might spend some time to master it so we recommend you take at least 30 minutes to read this guide and also maybe some extra posts to make sure you have the expertise to do it properly.

To begin, you will need some products, which we have actually listed here for you. Many points listed below must be consisted of with the paint sprayer or paint you acquired, yet if not, see to it to go get them prior to beginning your project.;

How to Mix Paint for a Spray Gun (1)

  • Required Paint Materials:
    Repaint Sprayer
    Repaint Filter
    Test board
    Respirator (Optional for blending).

Just How to Mix Paint for your Spray Gun– 4 Steps.
These 4 ideas will certainly have you repainting easily every time and will certainly guarantee your spray gun remains obstruct cost-free for as long as possible. Check them out below:.

Action # 1– Choose your paint

The most significant part of this process is the paint. The type of paint you choose to choose will certainly identify what type of thinning representative you will need to utilize as well as just how you will certainly tackle mixing the paint.

If you selected to go with most paints including acrylic paint and latex paint, water must work, but if you picked to choose an oil based paint, you will require a different thinning liquid. This thinning agent is generally mineral based and helps in reducing the viscosity of the oil.

Step # 2– Strain your paint

Before using any kind of type of paint in your paint sprayer, it is a good suggestion to run it via a paint strainer. This ensures that any globs that can possibly obstruct your paint sprayer get removed prior to going into the system. To stress your paint, you just require to pass your paint through a paint strainer into a container.

Once this action is done, you can pack your paint sprayer system with paint. We ‘d like to note that while this action may not be called for, it does boost the process, and is a part of any type of expert quality finish.

Action # 3– Examine the paint

You’re virtually prepared to mix your paint. Prior to you begin, you will intend to run a little set of paint through your paint sprayer to determine just how it manages your paint without thinner. To do this, just spray some normal paint on to a spare item of cardboard.

If the paint applies equally, in thin adequate layers, than you are in luck; you probably will not need to slim your paint (still examine the producer’s instructions). If your paint comes out blotchy or with clumps, than you will need to slim your paint with one of the suggested slimmers. That’s where the next step is available in.

Step # 4– Mix the paint

So you did your test and also you chose you needed to thin your paint. Do not stress and anxiety, this procedure is rather simple. We suggest evaluating your can of paint to see if the producer has suggested any type of thinning guidelines. If they have, adhere to those.

You will certainly require to blend it yourself if there are no collection guidelines. This will certainly need some trial and error so we suggest you take it slowly as well as examination spray often. Note the options for following time once you have found a spray density that works. Currently you have paint all set for any kind of paint spraying task you have ahead of you.


Eventually, mixing paint for your spray gun is a relatively straightforward process. All it requires is some perseverance as well as a little bit of trial and error. If you follow these actions, the probabilities of your success will enhance, assisting you achieve the specialist paint surface you have been striving for.

If you discovered this guide useful or if you have any type of inquiries, ensure to go down a comment listed below.

You just got a paint sprayer and you want to make sure you are effectively mixing your paint. Before making use of any kind of type of paint in your paint sprayer, it is a great concept to run it via a paint strainer. To stress your paint, you simply need to pass your paint via a paint strainer right into a container.

Before you obtain begun, you will certainly want to run a tiny set of paint through your paint sprayer to determine exactly how it handles your paint without thinner. Currently you have paint prepared for any paint spraying task you have in advance of you.

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